3 Things You Didn’t Know Mattered In Marketing Campaigns

Working within a marketing function can sometimes feel like you are stuck in a spin cycle of managing marketing qualified leads and barely keeping your above water keeping up with attending networking meetings and hanging onto the latest trends. While a cycle is a multistage process that repeats itself, for marketing, the cycle should start with creating a strategic plan, and ends with measurement.

Thankfully, there are some steps you can take to have a better idea of where to go from your current position. To get the confidence to take those steps, you might want to think about what matters in your marketing campaign.

We will get you started with three tactics you may not have thought about before now:

You Need To Set Goals For Every Step Of The Process

Entering into any marketing campaign, the first thing you probably think about is your end goal. However, it is essential to break down your goal into individual steps and create end goals for them as well. For example, let’s say that you are working on an email campaign. You cannot just go into your email automation platform and start typing. First, you have to think about your goals and what you want to achieve with this particular email. Do you want to create a relationship? Educate the target? Remind them of something you’ve already sent their way? Each of those emails is incredibly different from the other and will have a different end goal – even if they would all work towards the same more significant benchmark and the end.

If you start to get lost, remember that you want to align your smaller goals with the KPIs of your company. This also fits into the personalized approach of account based marketing. Planning what you want to achieve with an email, direct mail, or a phone call before you take that step can make the entire process much more manageable. It helps to know information about the person that will receive said email and their role within the larger company.

Empathy Helps To Foster Understanding and Customer Connection

Since we often tend to work on autopilot, we can sometimes lack the human connection customers crave, limiting the relationships that we can form. Just like in other relationships, first impressions matter. You want to come across as authentic and empathetic. In a world overrun with data and metrics, sometimes being an impressionable company can make all the difference.  While of course, it depends on the target of your marketing, throwing in personality can go a long way. If that doesn’t seem appropriate, simply remembering small factors or knowing something about the target can help them to connect with you in a deeper, more personal manner. This makes them more likely to want to work with you and at least listen to what you are saying.

By understanding your clients and empathizing with them on pain points, you can better shift and shape your content strategy. Remove roadblocks that you may not have even known were there before you had an extra five-minute talk at the end of your meeting.

How you want to get more personal is up to you – it might be spending more face time with customers or by adding a little something extra to their materials. It could be by talking through problems that have emerged within their business. Learning how to read people and their needs can pay off in marketing – and it is something you should practice.

Your Scope Is Apparent – And Your Target Clients Know When They Are Included In Broad Targeting

When you use broad marketing tactics, it is quite apparent to your targets. As account based marketing gets more and more popular, people have become used to the standard of being treated like a campaign of one. When you throw out generalized content, it doesn’t take much for them to realize that they aren’t your primary focus. You lose them in that moment.Over time, people start feel more disillusioned by your brand, even though they continue to be targeted by your marketing tactics. Brands have to ensure that they aren’t too broad with their scope. If you see low engagement with your campaigns, you might want to lessen your scope and circle around a few companies.

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