Sales Qualification: A Guide

For B2B sales, one of the most important discussions to have with salespeople is how to determine whether or not a prospect is just a prospect, a marketing qualified lead, or a sales qualified lead. The initial discussion will be about whether or not that prospect fulfills the sales qualification guidelines and this can be a relationship that your company has, or whether it is best to let that sale go elsewhere.

Unfortunately, in many cases it is not always obvious which path a particular lead will take. Sales qualification comes into play here. Often, sales qualification will mean asking the right questions and using intuition to determine whether or not the relationship will be profitable.

However, that leaves a lot of room for human error that can be costly.

To eliminate that risk, using tools that automate the process and look at the situation from a completely objective perspective can help teams to make snap decisions. MRP has software that can help your sales and marketing functions to make that decision. We utilize big data to better understand the inner workings of your sales and marketing leads, getting an insider look at the thought processes and needs of that potential client. For more information about MRP and how our software can help you, CLICK HERE.

Levels of Sales Qualification Necessary Before Action

Sales qualification isn’t just one level. Instead, there are different levels of qualifications that a lead can fit into, making it extremely complicated and quite difficult to work through – in fact, some companies just decide not to follow up at all because the information gets to be too much for them. That is why seeing it scored and assessed using our tools makes it so much easier to get back to focusing on actually making sales.

The most basic level of sales qualification is the organizational level qualification, or telling your teams whether or not they need to do more research. Sometimes, this is called sales qualification opportunity. This information references back to the “ideal candidate” formula and helps your team to move forward or not. Some of the questions our tools can help you to find include:

  • Company Size
  • ROI Potential
  • Future Relationship
  • Product Needs

Next, qualification requires the determination of whether or not the potential client has a specific need or challenge that your products and services can satisfy. From there, the marketing function ought to determine whether or not the lead is a marketing qualified lead (meaning they are still in a discovery stage of the sales funnel) or a sales qualified lead (meaning they are ready to purchase goods or services).

Sales Qualification Sometimes Requires Disqualifying a Sales Lead

Sometimes, companies are reticent to eliminate a potential sales lead because they are not qualified. Many people have a natural instinct to try to follow as many leads as possible – but is this the best approach? Oftentimes, no, that is not the best case scenario. The quality of your leads is more important than the quantity of your leads, end of story.

Your sales function only has a certain amount of time, and it is better spent on going after a handful of the most profitable prospects rather than spreading the entire time thin across many, many leads and hoping that a few will work out in the end. Trying to go after every single lead, without going through the sales qualification process, will neglect those that are in a position to buy and, perhaps, cause them to go with your competition.

With MRP’s tools, you will get the chance to quickly see where prospects fall and whether or not they are worthy of your time and efforts. You can best see how sales leads and marketing leads will help you to achieve your goals.

We Make The Sales Qualification Process Easier Than Ever Before – Contact MRP Today

Sales qualification can be an extremely time consuming process – and you have many leads that won’t work out, it can be extremely discouraging and frankly, can waste your resources and time. MRP has tools that help you to determine whether or not accounts qualify for marketing or sales quickly, easily, and without extra steps from your teams.

Even better, get the chance to know whether the right accounts are coming to your website, are engaging with your content, and move further down into the sales funnel. MRP helps you to make those determinations and then market to them.

At MRP, our software and tools help you to find qualified sales leads and then reach out to them using account based marketing.  CLICK HERE for more information about sales qualification and how to streamline your process.