Qualified Leads vs. Unqualified Leads

Getting qualified leads is hard work for everyone in a business, from the marketing team to the sales team to everyone above and below them. A qualified lead can be qualified as either a marketing qualified lead (MQL) or a sales qualified lead(SQL). These are the prospects that have been properly vetted by the marketing and/or sales team as a potential sale after some work by either or both functions. After the initial contact, a mutual exploration occurs, determining the interest of both parties and the capability to purchase (on the part on the potential client) and the capability to deliver (on your part). If everything adds up for both parties, that prospective lead turns into a qualified lead that is a viable prospect.

If you need more qualified leads, you need to change the way you search for them and identify someone as qualified – and you need MRP. Our marketing leads tools help to streamline the sales and marketing process and successfully convert those qualified leads into full-blown clients. Perhaps even more important, you will have a formula for success that you can repeat, with small changes, over and over again. CLICK HERE for more information.

How Do Qualified Leads Compare to Unqualified Leads?

Digital and outbound marketing, especially in the B2B sector, typically segment most leads into two funnels: qualified leads or unqualified leads. Leads aren’t designated as one type and then let there forever – sometimes, nurturing campaigns allow unqualified leads to become qualified. Sometimes, exploration and discussions can disqualify a lead.

Too often, sales and marketing functions just treat any lead as a lead without designation, thinking that if they try for every lead, some will certainly work out in the end. This isn’t the case all the time, however, and sometimes people can waste a lot of time trying to qualify leads that just aren’t there.

An unqualified lead is one that has not been nurtured enough in the sales cycle. There is a chance that they do need what you are selling. They may be unsure what your company has to offer; don’t know that they need your specific solution; cannot afford your products or services; or something else altogether. Before now, it was possible to convert unqualified leads into paying customers, but it took a lot of time and effort. With MRP’s tools, however, it is possible to get more information about those leads and understand how you can reach out to them so that they can convert into qualified leads.

qualified lead is one that is in the process of completing a purchase that aligns with what you sell or do. These are the companies that are in control of their buying cycles, can make decisions to buy, have completed their research, know what solutions they need and how you can provide them, have a set budget in mind for the solution, and more. They may have reached out to you for information, a clear indicator that they are interested. But what if they don’t? With MRP’s tools, you are able to get information about whether or not someone has been looking for your solutions, at your website, or even on competitors’ websites. This is information that was previously inaccessible for the most part.

The Qualification Process For Leads Requires More Than Instincts and Patience

For almost all businesses, generating new business is an ongoing focus – almost all of the work your marketing and sales functions do revolves around it. Getting qualified leads is a major part of this job, taking up more time than actually catering to the questions and needs of these potential clients. With MRP, your company can internally focus more on that second part, nurturing qualified leads that you get and turning them into paying clients. Your work with our team to develop parameters that qualify your leads. Then, our tools help you to get leads automatically. Your marketing team will be able to focus on marketing to those leads specifically, if they are marketing qualified leads. If they are sales qualified leads, your sales functions get to work in closing the deal. Without the extra time spent trying to find those leads, they are able to hone their skills and become more potent in their messaging. CLICK HERE if you are ready to get started.

If you are having difficulty coming up with the criteria to qualify your leads, we can help you there as well. Determining your ideal buyer requires an in-depth look at many details, small and large. Still, once the qualified lead criteria is determined, our tool does almost all of the work for you to qualify those leads. CLICK HERE if you are ready to get started with MRP’s lead qualified tools.