Predictive Marketing

Predictive marketing is a tactic that involves using information that was previously unavailable to different companies for their marketing functions: big data, machine learning, and statistical models revolving around customer behavior. This information is crucial in making business goals, predicting trends, and making decisions throughout entire organization. Sadly, this information isn’t widely available and is only accessible using tools and predictive marketing software.

Predictive Marketing

Luckily, there are some predictive marketing companies that can help you to both gain this inside information on your potential clients AND help you market to them. MRP is one of those companies.

MRP has two key tools: Prelytix and Algo Adjuster. These tools gather various pieces of information that you can use in predictive marketing, including buyer intent, demographics, keyword analysis, segmenting, and more. When welded properly, this information can be used to make decisions about marketing, product launches, and sales.

The goals of predictive marketing include predicting potential sales and marketing toward those clients using materials that they will see. All of this information is gathered during the initial stages of the process and then it moves onto the sales and marketing functions to work the clients through the sales cycle. However, because this initial stage is autonomous, it is easier to focus on that work.

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Best Predictive Marketing Company

The best predictive marketing company is there to help you with different parts of the predictive marketing tactic – from finding those who want to use your services to helping with the actual marketing strategies used. At MRP, we are there to make this an efficient and beneficial strategy for you to use. As a predictive marketing company, we give you all the opportunities to use individualized marketing plans that target your leads and turn them into paying customers. When you use all of MRP’s services together, you get a comprehensive guide for how to be successful with predictive marketing – and that will bleed into other parts of your business.

Working with a predictive marketing company should be something that is helpful for you – not something that adds stress to your job. We help you to move outside of what you traditionally do and improve the marketing functions and the sales functions of your business. When you have an inside look at what clients are doing and why they are looking for your services, you feel bolder and take steps that help you to stand out from the crowd.

With MRP, you are able to easily use tools for predictive marketing automation and lead gathering autonomously – your teams won’t have more work thrown at them. For more information about B2B predictive marketing, CLICK HERE.

Predictive B2B Marketing AI

Predictive B2B marketing AI helps with many facets of marketing and lead generation – and MRP’s industry leading tools, the information is helpful, abundant, and efficient. You never have to worry about getting old information or only half of the story. In fact, you can glean the following from using MRP’s tools:

Generating New Leads Predictive B2B marketing AI makes it possible for marketers to use a tool like Prelytix to sort through big data and take what they want. Some of the information includes company size, purchases, new job posts, management changes, upsizing, etc. to determine how the B2B leads may act in the immediate future and for a long term.  Now, all of this information isn’t going to be applicable in all situations, but our tools focus on the ones that make a different in the buyer lifecycle.

Lead Prioritization: Predictive marketing analytics help to rank prospects of all kinds and find those that will act in the way that you want them to– whether that is signing up for a specific product or service, asking for more information, upselling, producing revenue, or a combination of them all. With our tools, you are able to use lead scores to help measure and predict these actions more accurately than ever before.

Account Based Marketing (ABM): Predictive marketing helps marketers target prospective clients and coordinate their efforts for the best possible results.

Target Audience Building: Predictive analytics for sales and B2B marketing use mathematical models to categorize individuals based on different categories, including company characteristics, interests, roles, or products.

Shorter Sales Cycle: Predictive marketing allows for more effective lead enrichment, marketing campaigns, and sales cycles to shorten journey the prospective client has to take.


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