Predictive Analytics For B2B Marketing

Predictive analytics for B2B marketing focus on machine learning and using statistical models to help make a prediction on customer activities, sales trends, and potential outcomes using historical customer data. The information for predictive analytics for B2B marketing can emerge in different ways – at MRP, we use our Prelytix and Algo Adjust tools. These predictive analytics tools use big data that enables you to make educated decisions when it comes to marketing to other companies, lead generation, keyword selection, and demographics.

Benefits Of Predictive B2B Marketing

The benefits of predictive B2B marketing are manifold, especially for those companies that might not have been living up to their potentials when it comes to sales and lead generation. One of the most apparent benefits of predictive B2B marketing is the opportunity to prioritize leads. With MRP’s predictive B2B marketing tools, your marketing team will be able to use lead scores based on information gathered in the lead gen stage to determine which leads to go after first. This information can be based on everything from profitability to the lifetime revenue of an account. This isn’t a completely scientific formula, but it is one of the most accurate resources that your team will have.

The benefits of predictive B2B marketing come when combined with account based marketing. This type of marketing treats accounts individually and directing personalized marketing materials to those that have the ability to make purchasing decisions. In the end, these predictive analytics for B2B marketing result in better sales and shorter sales cycles. At the same time, your team can use this information for upselling and cross selling.

How do you get these benefits of predictive B2B marketing? The first step is to use MRP’s tools to generate new leads. Our tools give you the ability to get insider information about the companies that you want to target – information such as company size, purchases, new job posts, management changes, and upsizing – among other information. At the same time, your marketing and sales functions will be able to build a target audience that will enable these tools to do even more work. Then, your marketing team has to ability to segment these audiences for predictive B2B marketing.

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Challenges With Predictive B2B Marketing

There are some challenges with predictive marketing, even if it is a necessary part of today’s marketing landscape. The challenges with predictive B2B marketing tend to emerge in the implementation stage. Too often, companies aren’t given the resources and information necessary to make the most out of the information that they get. At MRP, we work to ensure that your team completely understands how to use both the tools and the information gathered – we are always there to answer questions and help with any concerns that you may have.

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Compare Predictive B2B Marketing

When you compare predictive B2B marketing tools and services, it is important to look at exactly what the tools do to help your business meet its goals. How does it increase revenue and allow you to get deeper insight into the marketing and sales functions? Studies have shown that when companies use this information in many different aspects of their businesses, they reap the rewards.

Predictive B2B marketing isn’t something that is always easy to do, nor is it simple. It is something that takes time to learn how to do and then learn how to use the information gathered to actually market and sell your tools and services. However, when you have a reputable predictive B2B marketing company on your side, it all becomes much easier.

With MRP, you are able to easily use tools for marketing automation and lead gen. With these capabilities, you get the full benefits of B2B predictive marketing and analytics.

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