Marketing Sales Leads vs. Sales Qualified Leads

At MRP, our goal is to provide our clients with marketing sales leads, marketing qualified leads, and sales qualified leads. We break down marketing sales leads into two different groups: marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads.

First, a lead is someone that has, in some predefined way, expressed interested in your products or services. These actions include, but are not limited to, filling out forms, joining email lists, downloading ebooks, emailing a representative, or simply spending a great deal of time on your website. Marketing sales leads are then used for marketing campaigns and the sales leads are sent to your sales function to begin the process.

At MRP, we collect marketing sales leads for you using big data. We gather information that your sectors can then use to reach out to potential leads. For more information about marketing sales leads and how MRP’s tools can help you to gather them, CLICK HERE.

Marketing Sales Leads: Breaking Down The Parts

The term “marketing sales leads” breaks down into marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs). These are the terms used to talk about the B2B sales process. At MRP, our software can help your teams to find leads that fall into both of these categories. Not only that, but our software leads the industry because it gives your teams more information about what people are searching for, why they are searching, and even when they are likely to make a decision.

The most important part of the marketing sales lead process is to qualify them for another stage of the sales process, which we can help you to do. This will break down the work between your teams, ensuring that whenever your sales or marketing functions get a lead, it is at the earliest possible time so that they have time to strike before your competition. Even a few hours lead time can give them the chance to make an early impression.

Marketing Leads Are In The Earliest Stages of Buying

Marketing leads are those that have expressed an interest in finding out more about your products or services, but they might not yet be at the stage where they are ready to buy. A marketing lead usually takes a “soft” step like looking through your website or even performing a google search.

MRP uses our tools to find these accounts. Then, you are able to treat them as an account of one and market to them, hoping that they will respond to the marketing. You can use special marketing advertisements to distribute samples or special offers to those customers. At the same time, you can use the marketing information to expand on your existing relationships with customers, knowing what they want and how to get it to them.

Marketing leads aren’t difficult to gather, but our tools give you the opportunity to get more information than ever before. For more information about marketing sales leads and how MRP’s tools can help you to gather them, CLICK HERE.

Sales Leads Go Directly To Your Sales Functions To Speed Up The Process

Sales qualified leads should go directly to the sales team. These are the leads that you want to act extremely quickly on because they are going to buy. With MRP’s software, you get the information that your sales functions need to make the deal as quickly as possible. Even if your competition has found the lead first, when you work with MRP, you might have access to information that they do not.

The difference with MRP is that we do not sell the same leads to multiple buyers. Instead, you will be the only person to get our leads. That means you don’t have to compete with someone who knows the same things you do.

Get More Marketing Sales Leads – Contact MRP Today

Getting more marketing sales leads can be a game-changer for businesses that feel like their lead generation just isn’t working for them. In fact, getting more leads that fall into each category help your team to consistently chase after leads and make sales. With MRP, it is possible.

Even better, get the chance to know whether the right accounts are coming to your website, are engaging with your content, and move further down into the sales funnel.

At MRP, our software and tools help you to find marketing sales leads and then reach out to them using account based marketing.  CLICK HERE for more information about how our marketing sales leads tools can help you to expand your business and improve your lead generation.