Marketing Qualified Leads: How To Generate and Pursue Them For Total Domination

A marketing qualified lead (also known as an MQL) is a business lead that has been determined to be more likely to result in a sale or customer when it was compared to other leads. This qualification is the result of any number of things set forward in the qualification process, including what the business does, what type of business it is, what web content they have engaged with, how much money a deal would be worth, and other criteria determined by a company. In many cases, the criteria will be the same, but there are often a few things that will make certain leads stand out as marketing qualified or pre-qualified leads.

At MRP, our software has helped to determine which leads are more likely to result in sales using big data to highlight any marketing qualified leads automatically. This results in higher numbers of marketing qualified leads and leads that stronger. Often, these are also the most competitive leads, so having a “heads up” is beneficial. We use information gathered from your sales and marketing functions to determine what the demographics, behaviors, and activities of a company designate them as a marketing qualified lead at your company.

Our MQL tools help to score those MQL qualifications and create a list of companies and individuals that are perfectly aligned with your desires AND what you can provide. You will gain insider information about those people so that you can then market directly to them.

The end result is a lead that is more likely to result in sales – improving your bottom line, the productivity of your sales and marketing functions, and a better chance to meet quarterly and yearly goals. For more information about how MRP can help you to gain more marketing qualified leads, CLICK HERE.

Marketing Qualified Lead Criteria

Some of the marketing qualified lead criteria that people focus on include those that will:

  • Pay higher amounts for your services
  • Repeatedly purchase your services
  • Create higher than average profit margins
  • Recommend you to other clients

So how do we determine who is a marketing qualified lead and who is not? There are some different ways to parse out the criteria and it depends, largely, on the steps that people take when they are on your website. Of course, one of the biggest pieces of criteria will be who that person is: what do they do, where do they live, can they benefit from your services, and are they seriously looking for a service that you provide.

Some of the examples of marketing qualified lead criteria include someone who has:

  • Returned to your website multiple times
  • Downloaded a free trial, eBook, video, or demo
  • Filled out an online form
  • Submitted information to be included on a mailing list
  • Clicked on an advertisement that led to your website
  • Contacted you to request information
  • Spent a great deal of time on your website
  • Favorited items or added them to a list
  • Put something into a cart

Of course, not every marketing qualified lead is going to do all of these things. The key is to find the ones that do a few of them and determine which ones are most likely to lead to sales or meaningful relationships.

Get More Marketing Qualified Leads – Contact MRP Today

Getting more marketing qualified leads can be a game-changer for businesses that feel like their lead generation just isn’t working for them. With MRP’s lead generation and marketing lead qualification tools, you see immediate results that allow your sales and marketing functions to focus solely on the marketing and sales aspects of their jobs. It allows them to spread their wings and try new tactics and perfect their strategies. Learn, almost immediately, whether the right accounts are coming to your website, are engaging with your content, and move further down into the sales funnel. Even more, this can help your team to develop MQL criteria and determine what factors actually make a business qualified.

At MRP, our software and tools help you to find marketing qualified leads and then reach out to them using account based marketing.

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