Intent Targeting

Winning over new customers and clients in the B2B realm requires you to be a part of their buying journeys starting as early as possible. You have to be present at every stage, and intent targeting can help you there.
Intent targeting allows your marketing and sales functions to gather more context and more information about their audiences at the earliest possible stages. Intent targeting is one of the initial steps that you can take to whittle away at your audience. This is often the step that companies will take when they are first starting with intent marketing or account based marketing. It takes people who have completed a specific action, such as committing a search, signing up for an eBook, or even spending an extended amount of time on your website, and segments them into a particular group. From this, we can gather their intents.

With MRP’s intent targeting tools, however, you can take it just a step further. We give you more information so that you can segment potential clients and businesses into smaller groups and sometimes, into groups of one. This allows sales and marketing functions to treat each potential client individually. We help you to target the businesses and clients that have the greatest intent to make a purchase.

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How Does Intent Targeting Work?

To give your team the level of detail that you need for intent targeting, MRP collects data all day, every day, related to user activity. This information is gathered through our software, and that information is then presented in a streamlined, automated dashboard that allows users to get an overview of what people are searching for, who should be targeted by marketing, who should be targeted by sales, and who is only in the starting stages.

When setting up our software, we will discuss your needs and set up the conditions that signal the start of intent targeting. Those steps are different for every company, which is why we work with you to get it perfect. We are collecting data all the time, so you can start building your ideal client profile right away.

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Intent Targeting Campaigns Are The Future Of Sales & Marketing

Intent targeting can help your team at every stage of the sales cycle, from initial marketing and exploring to sales to on-boarding – and even in re-engagement. Intent targeting helps with almost every type of potential customer and current customer interactions. Our information can help you to target those who are at the ideal point for conversion, helping you to focus your efforts and resources on those clients that are the most important – and to ignore those that will just be a waste of time.

Get Unmatched Intent Targeting Data – Instantly

Our intent targeting information is gathered through Prelytix, our tool. We have carefully designed this tool to collect thousands of pieces of information that companies can use. At the same time, we only work with one company per niche so that you aren’t competing with people who have the same information that you have – you have an advantage because you have the data.

When used properly, this information can help your team to make data-driven decisions to better optimize at an entirely new level. With our tools and strategies, you will see your ROI increase. Ready? CLICK HERE.

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If you want to win new customers, keep your old ones, and keep beating your sales goals, you have to be a part of the buying journey at every stage. While your marketing team can build up brand awareness for those who are still in the exploration stage, your sales team can focus on those who intend to buy right away.

With intent targeting, it is possible to find the people in different parts of the sales cycle and focus your resources and efforts on them. With MRP, it is possible to get the most detailed information available and make your decision based on that. CLICK HERE to get started building your intent targeting campaigns and start meeting your sales goals.