Intent Data

Every day, marketing and sales functions are confronted with large amounts of data, and they have to use that information to make decisions quickly – decisions that can make or break your chances to meet your sales goals. Intent data helps to make those decisions that much easier. In fact, all of the information gleaned from intent data has quickly become the most important information that you can get – information that you can use to improve demand generation, increase ROI, and move rapidly to conserve resources.
When using accurate, up to date intent data, marketers and salespeople get the chance to perform at a higher level. They can formulate strategies, develop messaging, and carry out their plans in ways that are more relevant, successful, and influential than they have ever been before. To sum it up: when marketing and sales functions have intent data that helps them with the “small stuff” like finding leads, they are more likely to perform at the highest level.

With MRP’s intent data tools, everyone involved in the sales cycle is able to get that necessary, timely information quickly and easily, building more opportunities for finding the latest and most significant opportunities to expand, sell, and move into new sectors. If you are ready to get started in having access to more meaningful intent data, CLICK HERE to get started.

Just What Is Intent Data – And Why Is It Important?

Intent data is gathered using MRP’s Prelytix tool. This uses big data to look at the behavior of buyers to see what their next logical steps will be and how your team can help them in making their decisions. Are they just looking at something to pass the time, but they aren’t in the position to make a purchase yet? Or are they seriously looking for a solution that you can offer? Just looking at those two pieces of data, it becomes quite clear which one should get your time and effort and which one might get some targeted advertisements.

But our intent data doesn’t stop there – you can get clear information about the buyer’s intent that will help you to market toward them. How do they look up information? Are they the person that makes the decision?

Of course, we are careful not to overwhelm with data points. In fact, you get to select what type of information you gather and what is important to you. We’ve worked with this information for a long time, and we know what is helpful and what information only adds to that data pile that some people have. Intent data, especially in a B2B market, helps your team with the information that they really use, including contact details, insights into company structures, past contracts, engagement, clients, and even budgets. This information can take you a long way.
These questions aren’t always easy to answer, but in-depth intent data can help you to gain objective insight into what the next logical step might be to convert that person into a paying customer.

Remember that not every customer is going to be an ideal one. Intent data also helps your sales and marketing functions to determine whether or not a potential client is worth going after or not. Our up to date information reveals changes and shifts in businesses that you can easily track and use to your advantage: no more guesswork and hopeful attempts at marketing to companies that do not need what you are selling – just results.
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Unlock Exclusive Intent Data Today

Getting access to intent data about your industry will change the way that your organization operates and how you determine which clients to go after and which ones don’t fit into your business model. This method of marketing and sales lead generation is becoming more and more popular with businesses in different markets and niches.

People are starting to catch up, so you want to get ahead of the curve and start using big data to your advantage. There are so many more benefits that we just don’t have the space to detail here, but you can believe that the results will speak for themselves.

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