Enterprise Account Based Marketing

The world of an enterprise-class marketer is vastly different than that of the early-stage startup or mid-tier marketing organization. In this environment, ABM programs need to coordinate across teams and create consistent customer experience across channels.

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Why Does Enterprise Class ABM Matter?

For sophisticated enterprise class organizations, commonly held ABM best practices don’t make sense. Such organizations already have a wealth of market experience and sizable investments in marketing technologies, multichannel programs, scoring methodologies, and reporting. Adding a new and disconnected strategy or ABM technology is more likely to confuse audiences, break measurement systems, and drive up the cost of acquisition than to deliver ROI.

MRP Prelytix is purpose-built to simplify the complexity of your operating environment, enabling account-based programs that are coordinated with your existing marketing programs, across all your global marketing initiatives.

Enterprise ABM Requirements

Enterprise Administration – Support and coordinate account-based programs across multiple partners, business units, industries, and geographies.

Integrated Data Intelligence – Advanced data management capable of integrating, maintaining, and operationalizing account structured data from CRM and Marketing Automation, as well as external data sources.

Actionable Target Account Insights – Personalization insights based upon intent topics and predictive analytics, actioned in real-time through recommended actions.

Omnichannel Orchestration – Automated account interactions delivered across all relevant channels, using delivery infrastructure from enterprise tech stack or an ABM platform.

Real-Time Sales Intelligence – Sales collaboration built into the platform, actioning salespeople to convert marketing investments into attributable revenue.

Revenue Driving Analytics – Configurable reporting designed to match existing enterprise funnel stages and represent target account progress across all channels.


Achieving Enterprise ABM Performance

The core of ABM best practices is flawed for the enterprise marketer’s reality — a reality that involves a complex go-to-market strategy, a plethora of existing programs and endless reams of customer data.

In the enterprise environment, ABM is fundamentally a customer experience challenge, and a one-size-fits-all ABM platform can do more harm than good by delivering inconsistent marketing messages that confuse customers and make it more difficult for them to buy.

An enterprise-class, predictive ABM solution arms marketers with the tools they need to break down data silos, extract insights from customer data, deliver consistent multichannel marketing messages and monitor meaningful metrics. Platforms that simplify sharing data with the sales team achieve tighter alignment between sales and marketing to optimize actions and deliver measurable revenue returns.


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