B2B Marketing Predictive Analytics

B2B Marketing Predictive Analytics

B2B marketing predictive analytics focuses on machine learning and statistical models to predict trends or outcomes using historical customer data. At MRP, we use our revolutionary tools, Prelytix and Algo Adjuster, to make use of big data and enable you to make educated decisions when it comes to customer behavior, demographic reach, keyword analysis, and lead generation.

The goal of B2B marketing predictive analytics is to predict which leads or accounts are the most likely to move through your sales funnel and convert. However, MRP takes B2B marketing predictive analytics a step further: we help you to find and choose the potential clients that will have the biggest revenue impact.

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B2B Marketing Predictive Analytics: How Do They Work?

B2B marketing predictive analytics come from MRP’s predictive analytics tools, but what can those tools help you to do? When you work with MRP, you will be able to use the following B2B marketing predictive analytics:

Generating New Leads: B2B marketing predictive analytics allow marketers to use the tools to sort through thousands of pieces of big data information (including company size, purchases, new job posts, management changes, upsizing, etc.) to determine how the business may act into the future. The tools then use this information to identify prospective clients that are not currently in your database.

Lead Prioritization: B2B marketing predictive analytics help to prioritize prospects and find those that are more likely to take the desired actions. With our tools, you are able to use lead scores to help measure everything from sales acceptable to profitability to lifetime revenue. While this isn’t something that a tool can correctly calculate, estimates are always more accurate than traditional formulas.

Account Based Marketing (ABM): B2B marketing predictive analytics help marketers target prospective clients and coordinate their efforts with the information gathered. The results? A personalized marketing campaign that is more likely to stick.

Upselling: Marketing and sales functions can use the information gathered during the B2B marketing predictive analytics process to upsell or cross sell tools and services to the highest potential.

Target Audience Building: B2B marketing predictive analytics use models to categorize individuals based on any number of categories, including company characteristics, interests, roles, or products. These segments can then be used in scoring or as marketing prospects. Then your firm can build target audience personas so that the tools can find clients that more closely match those you are already working with or those that you want to sign.

Shorter Sales Cycle: B2B marketing predictive analytics allows for better lead enrichment, marketing campaigns, and sales cycles to shorten the sales cycle. Predictive models identify customers that are more likely to sign and allow sales reps to focus on those when conversion or needed – and allows them to take their time with bigger, more important clients.

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B2B Predictive Marketing

B2B predictive marketing is a necessary part of the lead generation and sales cycle in today’s digital world. It helps to close the gaps between data that can prevent marketing teams from seeing the full picture of possibilities and therefore helps sales functions to hit their goals. This can lead to an increase in revenue and a better way to set goals. Why is this important? Studies have shown that companies are not using all of the information that is available to them – in fact, they are only using a fraction. By embracing B2B predictive marketing, companies are able to go further.

Using account based marketing or more traditional marketing techniques, your marketing and sales function have an inside look at what clients are looking and why potential companies are looking for it – and you might even get more information about who the decision makers are, how much they have to spend, and some future plans that could impact marketing and sales.

With MRP, you are able to easily use tools for marketing automation and lead gathering. With these capabilities, you get the full benefits of B2B predictive marketing and analytics.

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