B2B Intent Data

Marketers and sales teams often get quite a bit of data when trying to understand potential buyers and shorten the sales cycles. However, B2B intent data has quickly become the most significant pieces of data that teams can have to improve demand generation, increase sales, and move more rapidly.

B2B intent data gives marketers the chance to formulate strategies and messaging that are more relevant, poignant, and influential than ever before. Through this data, marketers, and salespeople are able to control messaging and demand in ways that encourage sales, shorten sales cycles, and generate buzz.

With MRP’s B2B intent data tools, your team is able to get that information quickly and easily, building more opportunities for find the latest and greatest opportunities. If you are ready to get started in having access to more meaningful B2B intent data, CLICK HERE to get started.

What Is B2B Intent Data?

Simply put, B2B intent data helps to reveal a buyer’s intent to make a purchase, research a product, or something else related to your sales and marketing functions. Within the business world, it is most common to show that a buyer is interested in something, your products or services, and therefore is likely to buy.

To make B2B intent data more useful, MRP’s tools, such as Prelytix, look at the behavior of the buyer to see what the next steps will be. Are they just in the browsing stage and your marketers should get to work to introduce your product or are they looking to make a purchase and your sales function should start forming a relationship with that person?

These questions aren’t always easy to answer, but B2B intent data can help you to gain objective insight into the inner workings of the minds of these people.

B2B Intent Data Is Better Than That Other Data – See Why

B2B marketers and sales teams already have access to so much data that adding anything to that load might seem like too much – but when that data is insightful and helpful, it is not. B2B intent data can help your teams to get information that they can actually use – things like contact details, insights into company structures, past contracts, engagement, clients, and even budgets. With this information, your team will not only be able to market and pitch sales to them more effectively, and they will be able to determine where to focus their efforts.

Not all B2B leads are going to work out, and not all B2B are worth the time you put into them – that is just the nature of every industry. By knowing which ones are worth your while, you can put your resources to the best possible places.

With MRP’s tools, not only do you get this type of data, but you get up to date information. We use big data to help us understand the latest information that is automatically updated and sent to you. We work to drive your company forward by using data that isn’t three months old, six months old, or even longer. Instead, we help you to look at what your target accounts do right now. We use predictive analytics and marketing trends to find this information that can help you. There is no guesswork here or hunches – just data.

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Unlock B2B Intent Data Today

Getting B2B intent data will change the way that your organization operates. This method of marketing and sales lead generation is becoming more and more popular – which means that your competitors are looking into it as well. Start early by creating personalized buyer identities and profiles. Then, we can work with you to optimize the process and scale as needed. Ready to get started? CLICK HERE.

One page on our website isn’t enough to detail all of the information and benefits that using B2 intent data has for you – we would love to have a discussion about how our tools can help you in particular. We can help to identify your needs and build a system that will work for you. Ready to get started? CLICK HERE for more information.