ABM Technologies

ABM technologies (account based marketing) is a fast growing marketing trend that focuses on finding and targeting companies that are more likely to want and use your services. This might sound straightforward and easy, but it requires a lot of work to get a result that isn’t nearly as good as it can be. ABM technologies help to streamline the system, giving you continual results so there is never a “lull” in the sales process or in marketing strategy. Instead, you have a constant stream of potential targets to market to, communicate with, sell to, and eventually sign. ABM technologies use different tools and methods to achieve the same results you’d get from doing in manually, but in a fraction of the time.

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ABM technologies find a prospect that needs your product and helps your business or organization treat that customer like he or she is the most important part of your world. That prospect gets treated like its own market and receives all of the attention that comes with it. In a B2B world, that is important for closing bigger, more competitive deals.

How ABM Technologies Work

ABM technologies work by helping you to find and target your ideal customers, but how do they do that? It isn’t difficult to understand, though it is very complex to do, which is why an ABM company is necessary as an intermediary.

The first thing you need to do is know who you your high value accounts are and what they are searching for online. You can do this in many different ways.

The key is to find customers who do as many of the following as possible:

  • Pay higher amounts for your services
  • Repeatedly purchase your services
  • Create higher than average profit margins
  • Recommend you to other clients

From that point, you will look into these target accounts, determining how you can best reach them. You want to find out who is making important business decisions, what pain points they need help with, and who is influencing them. This will allow your sales team to draft a message and a pitch that they cannot turn down.

ABM technologies do not do all of the work for you. Instead, they make the work that you have to do much easier. Think about it: it is so much easier to sell to someone who wants your product than it is to someone who has no idea what it even does. You will feel better about taking risks and going outside of your comfort zone – and you will learn a lot more about your abilities as well.

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ABM Technologies – The First Step

Utilizing ABM technologies appropriately is just the first step in a greater marketing and sales plan. However, it is akin to starting on a motorcycle while everyone else is on skates. You have time on your side and you have knowledge that no one else has. You will be able to make smarter decisions quickly and that speed can make the difference. Even if you take longer on a particular step, you will be able to catch up quickly.

In some cases, you’ll be able to tell why someone needs your product. In others, you’ll be able to glean who is doing the searching. You might even be able to tell what other companies they have looked at. ABM technologies have a far reach and can provide you with information that  you won’t be able to get any other way. In some ways, the way you approach ABM isn’t any different from how you approach traditional lead generation, but the results tend to be grander because they are targeted.

Account based marketing technologies also push you to be better – with a lot of the work done for your team, you will be able to flex your muscles and perform at a higher rate. You’ll have more meaningful meetings and experiences, packing more and more into your workday. At the same time, you will feel more comfortable taking risks and trying something new.

To start, ABM technologies like those from MRP help to ensure that you have the necessary infrastructure within your business or organization so that you have a strong chance of succeeding in your efforts – your staff is prepared and so are you. They will allow you to continually move and shift as you grow bigger and better. Your goals will continue to grow as well.

Successful ABM technologies and implementation requires dedication, but the results are worth the effort.

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ABM Technologies: Building a Customer Profile

Technology sometimes cuts down on customer interaction – instead of phone calls, we are now sending emails back and forth. However, this is a benefit with ABM technologies. You are ensuring that you spend time with the prospects that you need to spend time with – and aren’t wasting your time with those that you don’t need.

Start by writing a list of qualifications for your desired customer. You will then easily be able to figure out the ones that you really need and the ones that are just ideal. Then, when you get a list of potential leads, you will be able to sort and identify which ones are the best choice at any given time.

And which one is the best will change – you will still have choices with ABM technologies.

Over time, ABM technologies will allow you to see where your opportunities stand and where you don’t want to look. It will be necessary to recreate your criteria list from time to time, especially as your company grows as a result of your efforts.

Why Your Business Needs ABM Technologies

ABM technologies like those from MRP help to give you clear and easy to understand business results. You can clearly see who is searching for your product, how often they are searching, and when they are searching. This will help you in the sales process, but it can also help in other areas as well. With simple, easy to understand date, you can make marketing decisions, advertising choices, budgetary changes, and even present to stakeholders. When you are utilizing effective ABM technologies, all of this information should be simple enough that everyone understands it.

ABM technologies for  email, ads, web campaigns, or events. Once concluded, you will have a smaller amount of data to look at and really dig into, which can help immensely in future planning and even future ABM campaigns.

Most important, ABM technologies do quite a bit to reduce the amount of wasted time that you have. Instead of spending hours searching for and targeting companies, our systems put you ahead of the curve. You immediately have access to those potential accounts so that you can get to them before someone else does. This sort of optimization also allows for more personalization. With ABM technologies, you can get a glimpse into the heads of the people making the decisions of a company: what do they want, how do they want it, and what are they expecting it.

The key to AMB technologies is finding your target customers that will engage with your content, click around, and eventually make a purchase. To do this, we find prospects that are searching for you and are in active stages of the buyer journey. If they don’t reach out to you, ABM technologies can help you to reach out to them.

ABM technologies are the most efficient ways to sync up your sales and marketing departments and methodologies. This is because ABM methods are very closely related to sales and helps marketers to operate in a similar mindset, quelling the relationship between the two sectors.

Most importantly, ABM technologies think about how to target your ideal customers, bring them to the table, and then sign them and start to generate revenue.

Put ABM Technologies to Work Today

ABM services are life changing in many situations. It takes a level of commitment to the process and strategization to produce results, but they are always worthwhile. With MRP’s ABM services, you cut out some of the work on your own, allowing you to focus solely on the marketing and sales aspect instead of finding clients. CLICK HERE for more information about MRP’s ABM services.

Put ABM Technologies to Work Today

It is important to note that ABM services can help almost any organization if calibrated properly. ABM services do allow for some customization and leniency, however. You can choose whether you want to target prospects quickly, and cast a wider net, or you want to target on an individual basis. Both have their merits and it depends on which system you want to do.

ABM service can provide you with huge opportunities and unlock a future that might not exist if you continue on using your same sales and marketing techniques. CLICK HERE for more information about MRP’s ABM services.