MRPAppend™ Powered by Modigie

Never miss another opportunity to directly connect with your target buyers.


Supercharge MRPSyndicate with MRPAppend. 

Maximize the mobile coverage of your MRPSyndicate leads with Modigie’s mobile phone enrichment.


Modigie has up to 80% higher mobile phone coverage rate than other competitors in the space, meaning a higher lead match and append rate to help supercharge your outbound call-to-connections.

Benefits of MRPSyndicate powered by Modigie. 

Reach 270m+

verified global B2B contacts across 17m+ global organizations.


3X Pipeline

average driven by MRP’s down-funnel targeted engagement.


25% CR Increase

average conversion rate increase in MQL to SQL with MRP.


2X – 4X

automatic increase in accurate North America mobile coverage.


30% Increase

in call-to-connect rates improving returns on data investments.


40% Reduction

in resource hours spent on data management and unproductive calls.


The MRPSyndicate + Modigie Process. 

signals engine

Account Intel Prioritization

Target buyers with the highest propensity to engage and covert with your brand.


Multi-Channel Engagement

Engage your buyers through the channels where they are most likely to convert.


Append With Mobile Data 

Improve outreach efficiency with accurate, up-to-date mobile contact data. 


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