Account Based Demand Generation

Our predictive customer acquisition platform brings marketing and sales execution together to form a single account-based demand generation strategy. More than alignment or a new silo of marketing activity, MRP Prelytix is purpose-built to help prioritize and coordinate all touches with each target account. This coordination and collaboration is precisely the solution to deliver consistent, high-value information to each target account.

Account Discovery

MRP Prelytix utilizes proprietary algorithms to rank accounts based on real time intent data and historical behavioral data, to go beyond just predicting propensity to purchase. Consuming tens of billions of signals per month while leveraging our own proprietary database, a collection of millions of accounts and tens of millions of people records, MRP Prelytix contextualizes content consumption and matches topics to a given program, predicting propensity to act.

Insights to Action

MRP Prelytix is the only ABM platform capable deciphering actionable insights at the speed of audience engagement, delivering the next best action in real-time. Powered by Kx, we deploy AI across our platform which is benchmarked as the world’s fastest time series platform, ingesting seventy five billion insight signals per month, across 1st and 3rd party sources, to predict success for costly next-actions. We not only make decisions but execute in the moment on tactics available within platform.


MRP Prelytix’ ability to orchestrate begins with the intelligence necessary to identify account level needs (signals, behaviors), and extends to the application optimizing the selections of content and delivery channels. The real-time nature of these insights allows our clients to execute needs-based orchestrations across key channels, including; digital display, web, email, sales alerts, content syndication, social, direct mail, direct sales. MRP Prelytix can provide the orchestration to clients for execution, or we can also execute the orchestration within one or multiple channels.


MRP Prelytix provides multichannel attribution reporting that identifies impact within accounts and buying teams, and is standalone in its ability to identify and track target accounts through the buyer’s journey and across channels, platforms and teams, combining all of the tactic level program analytics into one dashboard. The platform provides a waterfall visualization screen to see where accounts sit in each stage, including filtering the view by account segments.

MRP Prelytix

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