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Camaraderie, opportunity for advancement, and work/life balance – these are just some of the things Keenan likes about working at MRP.

Keenan Willis, Team Lead

Rayleen Rivera-Harbach

Marketing Program Lead has her eye on the prize and continues to rise.

Krishnang Dalal

Data Scientist likes analytics, but he also likes the vibe at MRP.

Devon Wellbrock

VP of Account Development rose through the ranks at MRP…and you can too.

Our Culture & Values

MRP is a place where aspiring professionals can build a strong foundation in sales and marketing. We’re a talent incubator – perfectly positioned to serve as an entry point into the ultra-competitive B2B sales and marketing side of the industry. Why? Because our clients are among the world’s leading companies in this dynamic market. The experience and connections gained at MRP give our employees opportunities for advancement. Our internal career path allows employees to move into leadership positions, focusing on either client facing or internal strategy/execution roles. In either case, we appreciate our homegrown talent and always look to fill our open positions from within. MRP rewards strong performance and ambition with generous compensation. We are committed to the professional development and advancement of the people who work here.

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