Leading Tech Distributor Grows Pipeline Beyond Expectations with MRP's ABM Methodology

MRP’s client is known for being a frontrunner in the industry – always on top of the latest marketing trends. After seven years with a successful digital marketing package from MRP, they wanted to adopt the new marketing method that was more of a inbound model than a outbound model. Their current outbound model was successful, but they wanted to push the envelope with new inbound tactics.

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    Leveraging the Application of Game Mechanics to Generate Excitement Across Sales Teams

    Frustrated with the lack of motivation across their sales team, a multinational computer technology company was looking for a better way to encourage and motivate their employees to participate in sales training videos and sales incentives. Understanding their client’s needs and the difficulties they were facing, MRP developed a full-featured game to further incentivize team members that was fast-paced, easy to learn, quickly addictive and deceptively challenging.

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    How an Integrated Demand Generation Campaign Awarded LexisNexis with Over Four Hundred Qualified Sales Leads

    LexisNexis, a leader in providing essential information to help customers assess, predict, and manage risk, was looking for a way to identify a prospect’s stage along the buyer journey and effectively communicate the right content at the right time.

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