“I am able to work and partner with one of the largest IT manufacturers in the world, and get to strategize ways to improve their business… In under five years I have had three promotions.”

"If you choose to progress within the company, the support and guidance from management couldn’t be better. I wouldn’t work anywhere else!"

"MRP has allowed me to unlock business skills that I couldn’t have learned at other companies in such a quick timeframe."

"The entire team is dedicated and committed to your success and will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals."

"We are a high energy company that challenges each team member to better themselves professionally and personally every day."

“It’s exciting being part of a company that is growing at this pace. Everything from the professional and engaging colleagues to the diversity of work means that no two days at work are ever the same.”

Work with the world's leading technology brands

MRP is a place where aspiring professionals can build a strong foundation in technology sales and marketing. We’re a talent incubator – perfectly positioned to serve as an entry point into the ultra-competitive B2B sales and marketing side of the industry. Why? Because our clients are among the world’s leading companies in this dynamic market. The experience and connections gained at MRP give our employees opportunities for advancement. Our internal career path allows account executives to move into leadership positions, focusing on either client facing or internal strategy/execution roles. In either case, we appreciate our homegrown talent and always look to fill our open positions from within. MRP rewards strong performance and ambition with generous compensation. We are committed to the professional development and advancement of the people who work here; in fact, over 80% of our current management team has come from internal promotions.

MRP Environment

Employees have described MRP as “a family” due to the culture and energy present in the organization – much of which centers around the office. Our accounts teams forge the bonds and interdependent relationships needed to achieve and surpass client expectations. MRP’s executives and managers alike are found on the sales floor, coaching, teaching, and motivating the account executives to perform to their potential. MRP employees need not venture far to share an idea, get a question answered, or to celebrate a recent accomplishment. After working hours, MRP will often gather at local restaurants, participate in sporting events & clubs, or join forces to help those in need. This is the supportive, yet performance oriented culture that MRP was founded on and remains the spirit of the organization today.

Community Involvement

MRP is proud to be a prominent employer in each of its base locations worldwide and is committed to having a lasting partnership that makes each city stronger. MRP’s employees are the backbone of our community efforts. In each of our global offices, employees devote their time and talents to charities and causes as volunteers. This spirit of volunteerism carries on a legacy that speaks to the culture of MRP.

Open Positions